Niyo Global Card in Turkey

I am travelling to Turkey. Does the Niyo Global card by SBM work in Turkey? What will be the ATM withdrawal charges for local currency (turkish Lira)? What will the currency exchange rate INR to Lira?

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Yes, Niyo Global by SBM card works in Turkey. For ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries, you will be charged Rs.100+GST. There is no transaction fee or mark-up fee for PoS and online transactions. All the international transactions will be processed based on the live visa exchange rate and you can check the exchange rate in your Niyo SBM app under the Currency Converter tab.


Thank you for the response. Can you tell me how many days it will take to reach the Niyo card to my location- Mumbai. Because I have a flight of 24th June 2022.

Once the card request is placed, it may take up to 10-15 days to get the card delivered to your communication. There are instances, that it may get delivered before too.


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Hi @Deepak @Wasim_Al_Basha

In spite of raising multiple tickets #1389826, #1338217, #1395674 there has been no help or support. I am travelling again to the US - Can you please help in getting the card???