Niyo Global Country list

Does the Niyo Global forex card work in Indonesia? what is the full country list?

Hi @Eric_Fernandes, welcome to our community! Niyo Global by SBM card works in over 150 countries such as the US, UK, Europe, SE Asia etc. Your INR will get auto-converted into the currency of the country you would be using the card.

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To confirm the card is supported in Indonesia, Correct?

Hey @Eric_Fernandes! Yes, it works in Indonesia too.

Does the Niyo Global card works in Turkey, Israel & Baharain

Hey @sarveshca

Certainly, the card is accepted in over 150+ countries except for Russia, Nepal & Bhutan where our services are restricted at the moment.

You should be able to use the card everywhere where VISA services are available.


Is Niyo Global Card (VISA) accepted in Romania?

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Is Niyo global accepted in Poland? It will be good to have a list of all 150+ countries somewhere. If it already exists, please point me to it. Thanks.

Does Niyo Global by SBM work in Egypt ?

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Hi can i use this card in angola country

Hey @Dr_K_Sashindran_Nair! @Surya_Desu @Rajatava_Datta @Atul_Bhargav! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Niyo Global card works in the countries which you’ve asked for. The card doesn’t work in Nepal and Bhutan. Also, the services are restricted in Russia (temporarily).


Is niyo global cards work in South Korea? Can you also give atm details in seoul and Busan please?

Hey @heena_sheikh! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Yes, the card works in South Korea. We do not have any partnered ATMs abroad. For International ATM withdrawal and balance enquiry, you’d be charged ₹100 + GST. This is in addition to the ATM charges that any bank can charge you while using their ATM.


Is niyo global card valid in Kazakhstan.

Does niyo global card works in Kazakhstan

Hey @Abhishek_B_Maganur! Welcome to Niyo Community! Yes, you can use Niyo Global card in Kazakhstan.


Does Niyo work in Sri Lanka

Hey @Vikrant_S! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Yes, the card works in Sri Lanka.


Hi :wave:
I have a few questions:

  1. Does Niyo card works in Mexico?
  2. Can I withdraw my money from ATM of any Bank?
  3. Does Niyo provides all its services in Mexico? Are there any special charges or limitations there?

I am in Romania this week & i tried to use Niyo card but it didnt accept in Super market so i assume it will not work here.