Do niyo global cards work in tokyo?

Do niyo global cards work in tokyo ( both the atm withdrawal and card swipe)?

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You can load this card in INR, and use it at any VISA-accepting merchant in the world, including in India. No matter where you use your Niyo Global by SBM card, there will be zero markup charges at all times. Niyo Global by SBM card works in over 150 countries such as US, UK, Europe, SE Asia etc. Your INR will get auto-converted into the currency of the country you would be using the card at. For any further assistance kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.

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Brother don’t believe them i had NiyoX and Niyo SBM, I was in Russia and both their cards stopped working before the war. I was trapped in -45 to -55°c places. I barely made it back alive. Chutiya company hai ruined my trip. Was in Omyakon.

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