Niyo global by SBM bank unable to do Re vkyc

I am having a Fd based Niyo sbm global credit, Yesterday i got a email from SBM bank asking for re-kyc i was trying hard yesterday and today for several hours to complete the vkyc after waiting for 90 mins each time it is showing as time out again after trying multiple times after waiting so much time it is again showing as time out , i visited the nearest branch they said it can be done online only , but i am not able to do online ? any one facing same issue ?

Hi Alistair,

Hope this message finds you well.

For any assistance you may need, kindly consider reaching out to They are there to help and will provide the necessary support.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi I too receieved such an SMS and email> I contacted SBM bank customer care and they told me to wait for a new message for the re-kyc. It is supposed to be sent once a week. Although i havent yet received the new message.