Niyo Global SBM | acc creation stuck at eternity

It’s been more than a month that I’ve been struggling to get an account created now. It’s the same panicked girl with the same annoying dog giving me the error saying ‘your account is being created’ everytime. Moreover the helpline number dosen’t work, pathetic. I even called up niyo x helpline to connect me with niyo global. They assured with a call back but I never received one. I’ll be flying on 14th September to UK now and everything related to niyo feels like useless.

You know many are trying to get an account as you’re in demand. But there’s rise n fall for everything. So this neglegence and poorest of the poor helpline support will gonna make a dent soon.
Good luck!


Hi @Rayhan_Kabir ,

uh huh :confused: I am afraid we weren’t able to fulfill your expectations :frowning: We understand that your experience was a bit bumpy. Kindly allow us sometime as we are working around the same and trying to fix it.

As its a Beta phase product you might face some hiccups but worry not, we are here to help!
Meanwhile could you please raise a ticket in our support section as well? it would be easier for us to keep a track of it.