Niyo Global account # 20012204568659 amount not getting credited but amount deducted from ICICI Bank

Hi Team,

I have done a transfer of 370000 to my Niyo Global SBM account 20012204568659 at 3.11 am

19th August India time via IMPS but the amount not reflecting in my Niyo Global account

even though the amount got deducted from my ICICI bank account.

Please find attached my ICICI transaction ID details for your reference.

Could you please check this issue at the earliest and let me know when the fund will be credited to my Niyo account or credited back to my ICICI account.



Hey @Dipan_Mukherjee! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We do not have the facility to fetch your account details with the account number. Also, we request you to share your personal details like mobile number, email or account number only via a direct message as your privacy matters to us. Also, we are unable to find your account details with the registered email. Kindly inbox us your registered email or mobile number or write to us at from your registered email sharing mobile number and we’ll have this investigated.