Amount not reflecting in niyo account

I transferred 95K Rs from my icici account, but they are not yet reflected in my niyo account. Please help on the same asap. I need to travel tomorrow.

I transferred 95K from my icici bank account to Niyo account, but the amount has not yet reflected in the Niyo account. please help resolve the issue asap.

Hey @Vibhav_Agarwal! Welcome to Niyo Community!

I’ve tried to reach out to you on your registered mobile number. Unfortunately couldn’t get through as incoming calls are barred on your number.

We see that your funds are credited to your account. There seems that your balance on the home screen is not getting updated. This has been escalated to our team and they are working on it. Please be assured that we’ll have this fixed at the earliest.


Hello @Vibhav_Agarwal! We believe this issue is now resolved. Please reach out to our Live chat support by navigating through the Menu->Support section in the Niyo SBM app if we can ever assist in the future. -WB

Hi vibhav Have u got reflected amount now? I just experienced the same.