My communication address is not updating at ecom express even though it is updated in niyoX account

@Vinay_Bagri @Hemant_Tathod my communication address updated since past 1 week ago but still it not updated at ecom express.what is going on niyoX bank?customer should update address at bank and partner agency(Ecom express) continuously struggling to update at bank then in niyoX app and now then at ecom expres.everything customers should do both official(bank) and unofficial{partner agency(Ecom express)}.it has since 7th may trying and now it has 21th may today (15 day) for just for biometric kyc.

Hey @riyaz_rahaman, we are so sorry for the hassle. We are having this checked with the team. We shall keep you updated. SR

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I am facing same issue as well.
I have updated communication address in internet portal and address is updated in Niyox App as well. But my KYC is still being routed to old communication address to ecom team

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Hey @Manjunath_Patil, we are so sorry for the hassle. We are getting this checked. Kindly allow us some time, we shall keep you updated. SR

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