Multiple deductions for the same transactions

Today I inserted my niyo card at a local store in Sweden for a payment of 1500 SEK, it took some time but after a while the transaction succeeded, however when I checked the app, I found that there were 4 deductions for the same amount.
When I checked the dealers banking transaction account at the store, I could only see one payment from my card.

Even my balance is not reflected correctly.

Attached below, transactions, receipt.

Hey @Arshad_Javeed! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We see that 4 transactions were processed with the merchant Lundabocker Lund SE for the amount of 11542.47 INR. All these transactions are showing as successful at our end. We kindly request you to connect with the merchant at the earliest to check if he has received these funds in their account. Kindly note that there are chances of auto refund for these transactions if the amount is not credited to the merchant. The refund may take up to 15 days. If the amount has been credited to the merchant’s account, please raise a refund request. If the merchant confirms that the funds were not credited to their account, please take a written confirmation for the same and share it with us at from your registered email mentioning the transaction details and we will investigate it from our end.


Hi @Deepak , thank you for the reply.

I did check the transactions captured at the merchant, the list had only one transaction recorded for my card and no repeated transactions.

Is there a way to know if the transactions are under process for a refund?