KYC failed, but app showing card is on the way

I scheduled for KYC and an executive came, tried to complete the KYC, but it was showing some kind of server error sometimes, or biometric mismatch. The executive tried several times, but there was no confirmation from his end that it was successful. After the executive left, I got an SMS saying service request has been closed successfully. And when I checked the pending actions, KYC verification has gone and it says card is on its way. So I thought KYC verification was successful. But today I got a call from customer representative regarding KYC verification and told her that the executive was facing technical issue and was not able to complete the KYC. The representative has asked me to reschedule the KYC verification visit, but the app is showing that card is on the way. So is my KYC verification done? Please reply.

Hey Krishnakumar! We sincerely regret the hassle. Please inbox us your registered number so that we can get this checked for you. LK

Thank you for sharing, As we checked, we see that the Biometrics for your account is already completed and the card is well on its way. You can sit back and relax while we get the card delivered to you. LK

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Thank you @Lucky. Much appreciated for your help.