KYC Visit not happening

Booked for a KYC visit for 01 May for both myself & my wife’s Niyox Equitas a/c.

Got an SMS from Ecom by evening that “we tried but could not complete KYC … Contact us @8376888888” (but they never called me or my wife’s number).

Called them up later and they rescheduled for 02 May afternoon, yet never turned up.

I can’t find the link to inbox you my number from your avatar. Hope you’ll be able to identify me from my community account email ID.

Please escalate to get KYC done for me and my wife.

Hi Santhosh,
Apologize for the inconvenience, we will see to it that your KYC completed at the earliest.

I was not getting complete of my consent from equtias bank i was trying but showing like this.

Hey Vishnu! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. The issue should be resolved now. We request you to kindly try once more to see if you are able to proceed. We will also be calling you in another hour as per your request to ensure that you are able to complete the process without any difficulty. LK

I was tried again but showing the same thing.

I was trying from yesterday but not getting completed that process . And showing the same thing right now. No change.

Dear Vishnu Vardhan,

Request you to kindly open a new thread for your issue since the subject for which I opened this thread will get sidelined.

Thanks in advance

Hey @CH.Vishnu_Vardhan_Re, this shoukd not have happened. The issue has already been highlighted and will be resolved on priority. We shall keep you posted on this. SR

KYC biometric verification got done today. Thanks for your quick resolution

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Thanks Santhosh for your time on the same.


Hi Vishnu Vardhan,

Can you please try to onboard yourself again as the issue has been resolved from our end.


Hi @santjohn ,

Delighted to notify you that your biometric KYC has been completed :slight_smile:

Appreciate your patience.

Fill Otp and you Will see Submit option on downside, after clicking on submit then click on Done that is in right corner upside.

I hope you will be get the help.

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