Kyc 15 second video error

I have reached a stage in sign up process where it asks me to record a 5 Seconds video for verification. The verification just doesn’t happen. I click on take video, show my face and keep blinking, after the timeout either it says something went wrong, try again later or nothing happens and I am returned back to the Take 5 Seconds video screen. I have tried this several times. Want to open my account urgently as I’m traveling to Europe in 20 days and wanted to try Niyo services. Please help!

Hey @Nikhil_Diwakar! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We’ve found that a few iOS users are facing this issue. If you too using an iOS device, we request you to try completing the video verification process using some other device. If you are facing an issue with your Android device too, you may try with a different device. For more help, you may write to us at or reach out to the in-app Live Chat Support team.