I am travelling to Japan. Should I go for Equitas or DCB?

Hello, I am travelling to Japan, and I am looking for a Debit Card.

I came to know that the SBM bank Debit Cards are not allowed as per RBI Guidelines. So, wanted to know whether I should opt Equitas Bank or the DCB Bank.

Also, can you share details on the ATM charges and the charges I would have to pay when swiping the card at POS machine in Japan?

Another thing, I came across several reviews where people mentioned that their card declined and ultimately getting blocked for no reasons. So, whats the best solution for this? Should we carry two debit cards?

Hey @sumeetsd!

Glad you enquired :slight_smile:

For international transactions, you can opt for the Niyo Global Equitas debit card, Niyo Global DCB debit card, and the Niyo Global secured credit card by SBM. With any of these cards, you’ll enjoy the advantage of zero forex markup on all your international transactions. However, note that the Niyo Global SBM debit card is currently paused for international transactions.

All of the Niyo accounts are 0 balance savings accounts and offer competitive interest rates. You can earn up to 7.25% interest with the Niyo SBM account, 7.50% with the Niyo Equitas account, and 7.25% with the Niyo DCB account.

For added convenience, the Niyo Global Equitas, Niyo Global credit card, Niyo Global DCB card, and Niyo SBM debit card offer lounge access at the selected international terminal lounges within India.

Also, we have introduced the “International Lounge Access” with Niyo Global Cards. You can check out the terms and conditions by clicking on the link here.

To ensure a smooth journey, we recommend getting multiple Niyo Cards. This way, you have a backup in case one card misbehaves!:upside_down_face:or goes missing. It’s always good to have a trusty companion by your side.:handshake:

So, the choice is yours! Select the card that suits your needs. Cheers!!

You can refer to this link to check out the perfect Niyo Global product that suits your needs: https://niyo.me/Niyo-products-comparison

You can use this link to download the Niyo Global application to your mobile device and complete the onboarding process without any hassle: https://niyo.me/niyoglobal-app