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Where connection and community thrive.

Our aim is clear: To foster bonds and create a supportive space.

We achieve this by sharing inspiring stories from students currently living abroad or about to embark on their journey, whose insights can shape your own path.

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Each carries valuable insights you can integrate into your own journey. Through a variety of narratives, our objective is to ignite connections and foster friendships within our community.
๐Ÿ“ One special platform feature lets you discover fellow students in your city.
Reach out, connect, and build relationships. Their advice and companionship can enhance your study abroad adventure.
Last but not least, our mission is simple.
Creating a space where learning and growth flourish.

These connections are the essence of your study abroad experience. Join us and begin your journey today. :rocket:

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Meet @Lekhana_L_Vali : Architect, Adventurer, Inspiring Student :city_sunset::star2:

Discover Lekhanaโ€™s journey as she studies MS in Facilities Management at Pratt Institute, New York.

From volunteering to budgeting, and scholarships to smart apps, sheโ€™s sharing her story, challenges, and dreams.

Get inspired by Lekhanaโ€™s insights and valuable tips for every student.


Featuring Atharva in todayโ€™s episode of โ€œHumans of Niyoโ€:

From :mortar_board:Computer Science Grad to MBA Aspirant :earth_africa: Discover his journey from PES University to PwC India! :briefcase:

Join Atharvaโ€™s pursuit of personal growth and career excellence through Masters Abroad :rocket::tada:

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Unveiling the captivating story of Avish in todayโ€™s episode of Humans of Niyo! :clapper::star2: Avishโฉ, is a passionate computer scientist and aspiring student in pursuit of a masterโ€™s degree in the USA and Canada. :mortar_board::computer:

Join Avish on his journey as he shares his internship experience, love for credit cards, and valuable insights into preparing for international studies. Watch now to be inspired! :star_struck:

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From organizing technical events as a campus ambassador to conducting groundbreaking research on cryptocurrency price prediction, Sampatโ€™s dedication shines through.

Discover their dreams of pursuing advanced studies in the US, overcoming challenges, and navigating a new culture.:earth_africa:

Check out this video, as @sampatk20 shares their experiences in finding accommodation, budgeting, and planning for success. :rocket::woman_technologist:

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