Introducing Niyo Global Community Ambassadors

Hello Niyozens,

(Community of Niyo)

We are excited to share with you our amazing Niyo Global Community Ambassadors who have been helping in building this community.

They gave their time and effort, responding to other community members and helping us resolve queries and most importantly nurturing and growing this community.

Our ambassadors come from various backgrounds. They tell their stories in unique ways and most importantly they help others write their stories as well.

They deserve a special mention and here they are-

Aaditya Chandra Prasanth

The go-to person for anything community.
Aaditya is an in-coming student of MSc in International Hospitality Management at the University College of Birmingham.

Moksh Jain

The coolest pilot who has the sky as his home.
Moksh is currently studying to become a pilot at the International Aero Academy, Lakeland, Florida, USA.

Sammeta Jaya Sai Charan

The hard-working brother, who speaks less but never gets bored!
Sai Charan is currently studying MS in Computer Science at the University of Central Missouri, Overland Park, Kansas.

Sai Anirudh

A brother to many, the friendly one.
Sai Anirudh is currently studying MS in Computer Science at the University of Central Missouri, Overland Park, Kansas.

Avish Jha

The master of all credit cards, the guy who can give you the best critics, yet the most fun one of all!
Avish recently graduated from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore and looking forward to his higher studies in North America.

Vedant Kale

The semi-conductor guy! Ask his electronic, he will give you Ampere.
Vedant is currently studying MEM at the University of Southern California and interning at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Ishan Gala

The man on a mission to conquer the world of Artificial intelligence and Gaming, all the way from Pune.
Ishan recently joined MS (CS) at the University of Southern California.

Raj Bora

The fun loving guy with a curious mind! Dream of becoming a Product Manager one day.
Raj recently joined Cornell University, New York for his MEM.

Lekhana Vali

The architect girl in New York City. Ask her about the Big Apple, and she will answer you from Manhattan downtown.
Lekhana is an Architect studying MS facilities management at the Pratt Institute campus in Manhattan.

Bhavik Trivedi

The doctor in the group, the man with a noble heart.
Bhavik is currently pursuing his Master in Public Health at the University of Texas.


Cybersecurity Enthusiast | CTF Player | Chess Noob
Currently studying at the University of Delaware.

Popuri Naga sai krishna

Naga Sai Krishna’s journey began in India, where he completed an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He is fueled by an innate curiosity and the drive to solve complex problems.

Yash Patil

Love to tinker with electronic equipment and D.I.Y. almost everything.
Yash joined M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in Fall 2023.


A medical officer by profession on a journey to make the world a better place through Medicine.
Currently a Clinical Observer at The University of Texas Medical Branch.

Sampat Kumar

Sampat, a Master’s in Computer Science graduate student at the University of Southern California (USC).
Blending creative problem-solving with community leadership, Sampat crafts innovative solutions while catalyzing growth through impactful events.

Kripa Shankar SR

The guy who prepares for anything when travelling!
Kripa is currently pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering at NYU, NYC

Hi Niyozens,

If you wish to be one of our Ambassadors, stay active in our community and help us build this community for people like you. And our team will reach out to you.


Thank you, Akuzo, for the warm introduction! It’s quite the reception. Would it be an exaggeration to be referred to as the ultimate resource for any topic? :sweat_smile:

Well, hello everyone! Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

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