Hotel Security Deposit is not reversed to my account even after 3 weeks

During my stay in the US, I had paid security deposit to 3 hotels. It has been more than 2-3 weeks that I am waiting for the refund in my card. A few of my other colleagues had also stayed in those hotels at the same time and they have received the deposit back within a couple of days. When I did not receive my refund even after 15 days of the transaction, I contacted Niyo as well as DCB customer care (through email/chat). In response, they have given me a timeline of 20th July. Are they serious with such a vague timeline. That means, I have to wait for more than 2 months to get my money back, which is already reversed to them by the hotels. I want you to take prompt action on this and get the refund initiated in my account asap. Here are the details of the transactions:

Transaction 1:

Date of Transaction: 17 May 2024
Debit Amount: ₹ 20,883.45
Remarks: POS VS/413720912326/01:52:57/HYATT HOUSE/EL SEGUND

Transaction 2:

Date of Transaction: 20 May 2024
Debit Amount: ₹ 16,867.99
Remarks : POS VS/414020850888/01:57:35/HORSESHOE H/TEL

Transaction 3:

Date of Transaction: 21 May 2024
Debit Amount : ₹ 51,681.11
Remarks : POS VS/414217322128/22:50:56/BELLAGIO - /FRONT DES

Hi @gourav_29 ,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please help me by sharing the ticket number. I will check and revert to you after consulting with my team.


Hi Jumain, thanks for the prompt response. Here are the two ticket numbers:


@gourav_29 ,

We are unable to locate the complaint with the reference provided above. Kindly share the 7-digit numerical reference number so that we can check and revert to you accordingly.


Hi Jumain,

I contacted with Niyo executive multiple times through Chat/Emails. Every time, they either suggested me to contact DCB bank or created these tickets with DCB bank on my behalf. You can go through my recent chat with one Niyo executive where I was given this Alphanumeric interaction number. I don’t think any of the Niyo executives I interacted with has created an 7-digit ticket

I have already shared the details of all three transactions. If you need any additional details related to these bookings, please let me know.

Hi Jumain, I am awaiting a response from you. Niyo customer care had asked me to share the screenshot of the email from the hotel mentioning that they have removed the hold from the security deposit. Despite providing the screenshot, the amount is not refunded by Niyo. Please help. Also, here is the 7 digit ticket number that you had asked for: 2288965

Hi @gourav_29 ,

Thank you for providing the ticket reference number 2288965. I will follow up with the team and get back to you with an update.