Horrible experience with NIYO Inward remittance

Hey folks,
Here to share my experience with using Niyo global for inward remittance.

On 25th May 2022, I was supposed to receive a 2040 USD from my US bank account.

I got a call from Niyo on 2nd day (26th May) requesting for additional info like the purpose code, reason, receipt etc. Within minutes, i have filled the form and sent it back to Niyo team.

I have also, sent multiple followup mails and support requests from Niyo global app.

After 3 days, Niyo chat support folks said they haven’t received the required details from my side. [ Mind you this is after 3 days of continuous follow-ups from my side].
This time I have resent the docs again and again asked them to escalate this issue.

2 days later i have followed up with Niyo team and they said their team is working on this.

Again 3 days later i.e today when I’m following up again on the status. Niyo says they haven’t received required info from my side.

After 8 long days of continuous follow-ups. This is the response that I get from Niyo. Even now the issue is open and I don’t any steps taken by niyo to resolve this.

Horrible part is, they don’t have any customer support line. When you raise a callback request, they don’t call back. When you raise a support request on chat, they simply close it without any resolution.

If I don’t follow up actively on this, I’m sure niyo folks will never return my 2040 USD .

Folks, things will look alright until it’s not. If one is seriously considering to use Niyo global. Consider the above feedback and transact at your own risk.


Hey @manikya_saiteja_gund ! We investigated your case and we found that our team has been trying to reach out to you constantly to obtain the requested documents for processing the transaction. We understand that you had submitted the initial documents, however, the Bank has also requested for the transaction invoice, which has yet not been shared by you.

Our humble request to you will be to cooperate and share the requested doc so that we can extend our support in getting the funds to your account.- WB

NO one reached out to me on this. I have been continuously following up. Attaching the last mail from my side along with the attachment.

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Infact , let me also attach the reply I got from your teams.

On 31st, your reply was - we are at the end of resolution

Today, your reply is I don’t have the document

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Your teams are closing my tickets again and again without resolving this issue.

Your live chat teams are skipping the question saying that someone will answer my ticket. To and fro’s without any resolution.

No one bothered to give a callback and update me on the latest status - Horrible service.