Inward remittance from USA

I got my salary from USA almost 14 days ago. Still i have not received the amount in my sbm account. I have filled the forms and sent to customer care and still waiting patiently. I am regretting that i let mey employer send the money through sbm niyo global as i thought it would take less time for inward remittance than any other traditional bank. If I ask the customer care now they are telling it would take more than 5-7 days from now to get the money. If the money is small I would not tell it here. So i didn’t expect this from niyo or sbm bank.

Hey @Gautham_Vijayan! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Regret the delay! This shouldn’t have happened. On your behalf, our team is constantly following up with the bank to expedite the process and credit the salary to your account. Rest assured, our team will reach out to you on your ticket as soon as we receive an update from the bank. We once again apologise for this.


What should not have happened is giving my SBM account number to my employer which is my mistake . I am fed up of waiting for more than 14 days.