#FeatureUpdate > Airport Lounge Access ✈️

Hey @pavan_hyd! Welcome to Niyo Community!

You can check out the link below to know more about the participating airports. https://in.review.visa.com/content/dam/VCOM/regional/ap/india/global-elements/documents/in-participating-airport-lounges.pdf


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Hi Deepak,

Do we have access to lounge at International airports with the Niyo Signature Visa card?

Also, thanks for sharing the list of lounge access at Domestic airports.

Hey @Parag_Talesara! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Currently, we do not have a lounge access facility at international airports in abroad.


Hey Deepak,

Thanks for the quick response and clarification. Appreciate it.


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Hey Deepak, could you please confirm whether it includes unlimited Food and Beverages in the lounge ?
Also, which lounge is accessible with this one at Delhi airport? The one at departures or the one at arrivals or both?

Hey @Sarthak127! Welcome to Niyo Community!

It does include the facility of unlimited food and beverages. Know more about it here: #FeatureUpdate > Airport Lounge Access ✈️
The terminal details are mentioned here: https://in.review.visa.com/content/dam/VCOM/regional/ap/india/global-elements/documents/in-participating-airport-lounges.pdf


I had a word with the support team in the morning and they told me we can get food and beverages alongwith this card.

Hey @Sarthak127! Yes, it includes food and beverages.

Hey, Do we have International Lounge Access at Kolkata airport?

Hey @Mayank_Kumar1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

You may check the list of available airport lounge details here: https://in.review.visa.com/content/dam/VCOM/regional/ap/india/global-elements/documents/in-participating-airport-lounges.pdf

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Hey @Deepak Thanks for your response. From the attachment i understoood that we have International lounge access in India. Do we also have access to international lounge out of india? Like can i access Lounge in Thailand when returning to india?

Hey @Mayank_Kumar1! Currently, the lounge access facility is available in India but not abroad.


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Thanks @Deepak for clarifying. How much amount do we need to load in sbm account to activate the niyo global card? Is there any minimum amount i need to maintain?

Hey @Mayank_Kumar1! You have to load 5000 INR to your Niyo SBM account in order to raise a card request. Once the card request is placed, the funds can be utilized for your transactions. It’s a 0 maintenance savings account. No minimum balance maintenance criteria.