Niyo SBM Credit and Debit Card not accepted at Mumbai and Kolkata International Airport

Mumbai Airport Adani lounge and Kolkata Travel Club Lounge (both National and International) started not accepting Niyo Global SBM Credit or Debit Card - outright rejecting it.

Please resolve as a huge chunk of the user base use Mumbai and Kolkata Airport for international travel.


Hi @debosmit, complimentary lounge access on domestic airports have been stopped on both the Niyo Global debit & credit cards. You can, however, use lounge access in international airports within India. Here’s the updated list for your reference:

Updated_International_Lounges_list_from_VISA.pdf (35.7 KB)


I have been denied at International Terminals for both Mumbai and Kolkata. They refused to even swipe the card. Said there are instructions to refuse Niyo Global Cards


Could we have official communication from the both the Airport Lounge management (International) to accept to swipe Niyo Cards at least instead of declining?


Same thing happened with me. Now i am trying to raise ticket on this topic but this people are not letting me post…i have tried it 3 time. I think it is kind of fraud they are doing to us by saying that their niyo global card work in international airport launge…its a lie.there was a time when i just love using niyo global card. Hate to say goodbye.

I used airport launge both the card credit and debit at kolkata airport not an issue to use it date of 9 may 2023.

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can we use niyo credit card for free lounge access in airports outside of India?

Hey @siddhartha_jain, glad you asked!

With the Niyo Global credit card, you receive complimentary airport lounge access at international terminals within India. This benefit can be enjoyed quarterly, once every three months, that means four times a year.

And guess what? We’re also working on bringing the lounge access feature to international locations. Stay tuned for more updates! :airplane: