Feature Request - Single Transaction Virtual Card for Niyo Global


I have been using Niyo Global for the past three months and I love it. I have done some international transactions and the card does that smoothly according to the Visa exchange rate without any forex charges.

But there is one feature that I guess would be the cherry on the top, the ability to create a single transaction virtual card that would expire after the transaction. It is a feature that popular banks in India already have but they don’t provide a Zero Forex charges facility.

So if Niyo Global brings this feature then that would be a game changer and people would be able to use their cards on international websites without worrying about data breaches.

Kindly consider this feature request and I would appreciate it if this becomes reality in the coming updates.


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Hey @mickey7! We appreciate for coming forward to share your insights. Suggestions and ideas help us define the ideal experience for our valued users. We have duly noted your feedback and will certainly review it.