Adding money with NiyoX Platinum Visa Debit card to Google Play Store, Apple Store, Microsoft Store, PayPal

Can I add money directly to Google Play Store, Apple Store, Microsoft Store, PayPal with NiyoX Platinum Visa Debit Card? Is there any charges for adding money? For purchasing items from abroad and from international e-commerce sites, do I have to maintain any balance to the Digital NiyoX account or I can directly pay to NiyoX wallet with my other bank Visa/Debit Card?

Hello @Smtsl! Standard Markup charges of 3.5% of the transaction amount + 18% GST apply for international transactions. You may add money in the above mentioned e-stores by activating international transactions to your VISA Platinum debit card. To do that, go to the debit card section in NiyoX and find card locks. After enabling international transactions for your card from NiyoX, kindly call Equitas Bank customer care at 18001031222 and inform them to activate international transactions for your card. You don’t need to maintain any balance as NiyoX is a ‘Zero’ balance account, but, debit card charges are ₹177 (incl. GST) after first year. This debit card charges will also be removed based on some criteria which will be announced in the upcoming months.

If you have any other queries, feel free to reach out again!

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