International transaction issues

Niyo global is not following the exchange values correctly,when we are seeing the exchange value they are showing more but when we are doing transaction it is saying insufficient funds and they are charging 118 per transaction and 2 percent of taxes,when we are opening they describe that there is no taxes on currency comversion and 100 per transaction,please give a right guidance to the people who are using niyo global, the other issue is the servers,they are not well maintained and some time crashes

Hey @maheshmurugummala! Welcome to Niyo Community!

₹100+GST will be charged by the bank (SBM) for all financial & non-financial transactions at International ATMs. Any charges up & above this could be incurred from the transacting ATM bank and need to be checked beforehand. Please also note that the conversion rate is based on the Live VISA exchange rate and is charged accordingly. And we are working closely with the bank to fix the server downtime. For further help, you may reach out to our Live Chat Support through the Niyo Global app.