Card is charging extra charge for online international payment

Could someone help me why extra 23K Vietnamese Dong is getting charged for this payment? This is my first transaction using the virtual card.

Total Amount to Pay - VND 606,250
Amount getting charged - VND 629,834

Hey @viresh323

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We’d like to inform Niyo does not charge you anything additional since we have got a zero forex on international transactions. However, there will a conversion charges as per VISA exchange rates.

Ranjith M

Hi Ranjith,

I tried other credit cards, it was costing me same. I didn’t get any benefit of using this card over credit card.


Hey @viresh323! All foreign transactions will be handled in accordance with the current Visa exchange rates, which are displayed in your Niyo Global app’s ‘Currency Converter’ menu. For the additional amount being charged during the purchase, you might need to check with the merchant. Most likely, there are some transaction fees, and taxes, from the merchant’s end.