Dubai gold purchase using Niyo global card

Are there any additional charges incurred on purchasing gold from Dubai using Niyo Global DCB debit card?

Hi Abhishek :star2:

Just a heads-up on TCS deductions – if it goes beyond 7 lakhs, you’re looking at a tax payment. Other than that, no extra charges for swiping your card at the Merchant. Smooth sailing! :bar_chart::sparkles:

For any TCS details, check out this handy link:

Oh, and FYI, ATM charges for the DCB debit card are 300/- plus GST.

Remember, some ATMs run by merchants might throw in an extra fee for withdrawals. The good news? You’ll always see it upfront during the process. Unfortunately, we don’t have the scoop on these additional fees since they’re in the hands of individual ATM operators.

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Got it, thanks for the update :blush: