NIYO DCB charges TCS but not NIYO SBM? Changes to ATM charges?

I see TCS being charged for every transaction I do with DCB however I don’t really see this in SBM. Even though I have not extensively used SBM card yet.

I am used to DCB card but it appears that this NIYO-DCB relationship will be sunset?

Which of this card is better for transaction and ATM withdrawal? Do we have free ATM withdrawal abroad with DCB still or not?

Hey Giri! Please note that the TCS charges that you see on your Niyo DCB Global card are reversible, given that you have not exceeded 7 lakhs for the year. The same goes with Niyo Global by SBM; if you exceed 7 lakhs, you will be charged the 5% TCS charges.
Both the cards are user-friendly and are accepted globally, wherever VISA services are there.
At this point, I believe it depends on the user’s preference to go with the former or the latter one.

Also, please note that International ATM withdrawals are now charged on the Niyo DCB Global cards too. LK