Debit card fee waive off doubts, international lounge access miscommunication doubt

DCB Debit Card: You mentioned that the DCB debit card is lifetime free with a minimum balance maintenance of INR 5,000. Can you confirm if this card also offers zero forex fees for international transactions and complimentary ATM withdrawals worldwide without any additional charges?

Equitas Bank Credit Card: Regarding the Equitas bank credit card, is there a specific account balance that, if maintained, would waive the annual fee of INR 234? Could you provide more details on this policy?

Lounge Access Miscommunication: On your website, it states that cardholders are provided with international lounge access across the world (photo attached). However, in your email, the mention was only of access within India. Could you clarify this discrepancy? If the lounge access is limited to India, could you please address the conflicting information presented online?

please provide all information asked by Shiva on this topic itself, because it will clear all our doubts.
Asking him to mail you is something misleading.
You should be completely transparent.

So please provide answers to all of his questions here.

Hey @Sbboss and @parth_wagh,

Certainly, let me address your queries:

  1. DCB Debit Card: The DCB debit card is indeed lifetime free with a minimum balance maintenance of INR 5,000. Additionally, it offers zero forex fees for international transactions. However, there is a nominal charge of INR 300 + GST for international ATM withdrawals.

  2. Equitas Bank Credit Card: Niyo offers a Debit card in collaboration with Equitas Bank, and it operates on a zero balance savings account with no minimum balance requirement. For the Niyo Equitas Debit Card, there is a nominal one-time upfront cost of INR 199 + GST (approximately Rs. 235), which is incurred upon card order. However, this amount is fully refunded immediately upon loading Rs. 1,000 or more in a single transaction. Typically, the refund is processed within 24-48 hours.

  3. Lounge Access Miscommunication: Apologies for the confusion. Currently, Niyo offers lounge access only within India at international terminal lounges, covering major airports. This access is provided without any minimum spending requirement, and you receive a lounge pass within the Niyo app. The previous offer for international lounge access abroad was available for a limited time and is no longer valid. We’ll ensure to rectify the conflicting information on our website too.

I hope this clarifies your concerns. Let me know if you need further assistance or clarification on any other matter.

Now the lounge access within india is gone, Only international lounge access is available with 50k spend abroad. My question is how to spend 50k abroad (ECOM or POS) during living in india. ITS NOT PRACTICAL ! Before it was good that we have app based lounge access as well as spend based international lounge access (50k india or 100k abroad). Please bring back both. Ones a wise man said never repair the machine which is working fine.