CKYC Issue for account creation

I tried to open my account but as soon as I updated my adhar number it says CKYC is not updated. How do I get it updated and where?

Hey @Shaily_Bhushan! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The onboard for Niyo Global by SBM is based on the CKYC. We are sorry to inform you that as of now you may not be able to proceed further to open the Niyo SBM account. You have to contact your personal bank or mutual funds investments platform and request them to update your CKYC details. Kindly note, that the CKYC account type should be NORMAL.


Hello Deepak,
Greetings of the day!

I have my CKYC number and it was last updated on 28th Oct 2020.
Then I have no idea why it’s not accepting it.
Could it be the reason that I entered my other number and my bank account is associated with different phone number?