CKYC Error with NIYO SBM Global Card


I applied for Niyo SBM Global card and it got stuck at the CKYC step. I can confirm that my CKYC was updated in 2017 and I have the corresponding number.

Upon contacting email support they mentioned it is not possible for them to update my details, is it possible for me to provide you with the number to verify, or is it a dead-end?

Would be grateful for the support as my international travel is coming up soon.

Thank you!

Hi @Harsha ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

While I write this we are working on an alternative for the same, rest assured you will be notified about the same.


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Hello i have my CKYC number can you please update it i have tried multiple times but it says no ckyc record but now i have my ckyc number help me out