Account Creation ! CKYC issue

I am unable to create niyo global account with card. I alreafy have completed CKYC in 2021 with Zerodha and my 14 digit CKYC number is 60026316003626. Can you guys help me to successfully create a niyo gloval account and receive the international debit card.

I need it urgently for my Australia travel. Urgent help will be highly appreciated.

Hey @ashishgulia111! Welcome to Niyo Community!

While you are trying to onboard for Niyo Global by SBM, our system has fetched your CKYC details for the year 2018 and the type of it is SIMPLIFIED. To onboard for Niyo Global by SBM, the CKYC type should be NORMAL.

You might have an updated CKYC number but our system couldn’t fetch those details and we are sorry about it. To complete the onboarding, you have to update your CKYC details where you had in the year 2018, a SIMPLIFIED one.


Hi Team,
My CKYC detailed have been updated today. My account type has now been changed from simplified to normal. I have linked my aadhaar and PAN card with my CKYC details. i have receives a confirmation mail from CERSAI regarding these updates.

After completing all your requirements,I am still unable to create my Niyo Global Account. Can you please resolve the issue and create my account along with international debit card

Hey @ashishgulia111! Our system couldn’t find the updated CKYC details yet. Hope you have updated your CKYC details through the same platform where you had SIMPLIFIED CKYC. The chances are there that as the details are updated recently, it may take 2-3 weeks to have them registered in the central KYC repository after which you may try onboarding. We understand that it’s a long time and we are sorry about it. Currently, we do not have an alternative for this.


Hi Deepak,

I have already received confirmation mail from central KYC repository CERSAI that my updated details have been registered. So there is no need to wait for 3 weeks as it is pointless.The issue is not from CKYC repository side but it is from Niyo global side. I have updated my CKYC details as per our discussion and they meet all the criteria that you told me.

Kindly look into this from your end because the CKYC repository has done everything correct from their end. I expect the niyo global onboarding team to resolve this issue because the issue lies on their side now.

Awaiting your feedback with solution

Ashish Gulia

Hi, @ashishgulia111 We will be able to onboard only if the required onboarding criteria are met. We understand that your CKYC details are updated. Unfortunately, our system couldn’t fetch those updated details due to which you were unable to proceed with the account creation. This has been highlighted to our team. In case there is a possibility to onboard you, we’ll inform you.