CKYC error. Details not found in database

While trying to create account, after i enter my PAN card detils i’m getting the error that couldn’t find a match in ckyc database. Kindly help. Others who hv’nt done ckyc could do it.
If its supposed to be done, how do i get it done kindly share the process ?

Thank you

Hey @Jomya_Merlin_George ! We regret to inform you that we can’t onboard you at the moment. As I write this to you, I’d like to inform you that we’re building an alternative KYC method for onbaording. Hope to serve you better.


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@ashrithjain Okay
Will you suggest to wait till the alternate method launches or will the issue be solved if I do the ckyc ?

I’d suggest you to wait till the alternative KYC method launches.

Okay. Thank you so much
Hoping that it’ll launch soon!

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