Couln't find a match in CKYC database

I entered all my details and did the necessary to create the account. But after the last step of CKYC it showed an error that niyo servers are down or something. After that I got an email stating my kyc details and credit score and other things. Everything was correctly mentioned in the mail. Then I tried logging back into app but it says that we cannot find a match in CKYC database. If there is no match then how did I get mail regarding ckyc mentioning credit score and other details. Please look into this and respond back to me as soon as possible.

Hi @Sahaj_Vinayak ,

Firstly welcome to the Niyo Community!

We regret to inform you that as of now we wont be able to proceed with your onboarding as your CKYC data is not updated OR does not match our requirements.
A CKYC record is updated only if you hold a Mutual Funds account or a Bank account. The chances are you might already have these,
but the bank or your mutual funds account partner might have not updated your KYC record in the directory.

While I write this we are working on an alternative for the same and you will be amongst the first ones to be notified about the same.