Charges in Dubai

Hi, i am travelling to dubai in December and have got Niyo Global Card. Can anyone please tell me any hidden charges which i might incur if i use niyo global card there.

  1. On the POS machines of shops?
  2. Cash withdrawal from ATM?
  3. If i do online international transactions? Eg. my travel agent is saying i can deposit money in their international account if i want.

Hi @Nitish1506, welcome to our community! Niyo Global by SBM card can be used abroad for your international transactions where Visa cards are accepted. We strongly believe that this card meets all your personal transaction requirements.

All your international transactions will be processed on live Visa Exchange rates. Swiping Machine & Ecom transactions do not have any other charges. For International ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries, you’d be charged ₹100 + GST. This is in addition to the ATM charges that any bank can charge you while using their ATM.

For international traansactions related kindly check out the link here: What are the international pos charges for Niyo global card with SBM? - #2 by Deepak for a better understanding. For any further assistance kindly write to us at or use the live chat support our team will be happy to assist you better.