Niyo Global travel card delivery ! URGENT!

Hi Team, I registered for the account a month back but only got confirmation of creation yesterday after a long delay. I have requested the card last night and I am traveling on the 24th Sept night. I live in Bangalore and would request the card be sent by the 24th morning else it would be a waste of ordering the card, will eventually have to cancel this account. Request team to expedite this asap.
registered email : sur*******
Tracking : 12424111887675

Hey @Suraj_Prasad! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We’ve raised a request to our team to help you with fast card delivery. Upon receiving an update on the same, we’ll let you know. For further help, you may reach out to Live Chat Support through your Niyo Global app.

Also, we have masked your email id as your privacy matters. We always suggest sharing your details only via a direct message or with our Live Chat Support team through your Niyo Global app.


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Hi Team, still the card is in Order status. Would request to process this today and send it for shipping as I only have 2 more days left for my travel. I am highly dependent on this card for my travel.

Hey @Suraj_Prasad! We had already raised a request to expedite the card request, and we are waiting to receive further updates on it.


Hey @Suraj_Prasad! We appreciate your patience. Your card has been dispatched via Bluedart courier services. Its new tracking ID is 30743372704. You may track the status of it here: Blue Dart Express Limited- India’s Most Innovative and Awarded Express logistics company. - Bluedart