How to make payment for mutual fund?

I have added money in my savings account. Can’t I pay from that while buying any mutual fund? It’s again taking me to some interface of equitas bank and then asking me username and password.

I want to use the money that I have already added in the savings account for buying mutual fund. How do I do that? Please help.

@prathamnawal @Bansari request if you could help with a response. thank you

I want to make the payment before 12 noon. Possible for someone to respond? Sorry for this push @Aswathy_Nambiar @prathamnawal

Hi @akhilsethi

You can definitely use the money that you have added to your savings account for your mutual funds investment. However, currently you can do so using one of the two payment methods available - UPI or Netbanking.

  1. For UPI, you need to complete one-time setup of UPI ID on your NiyoX Equitas savings account using anyone of the third party UPI app(Gpay, PhonePe, etc). You can check the detailed process for same here. Once set-up, you will be required to complete payment using the UPI app on your device.

  2. To use netbanking, you need to enable netbanking on your NiyoX Equitas savings account as a one time requirement. And for each payment you will be redirected to netbanking page of Equitas bank to complete the transaction.

We would recommend you to setup UPI ID for your account and complete the payment through UPI for a faster and more convenient experience. I hope this helps you complete your current transaction.

Further, to completely avoid the hassle of going through manual payments every time, we would suggest you to setup “Auto-Pay” for mutual funds investments. You just need a one time set-up; and once activated, your SIP payments will be automatically debited on SIP date and you can complete payments for your lumpsum investments in a single click. You can access the same using following path “Menu” > “Investment Account” > “Bank and Auto-pay” > Click on “Setup auto-pay” button on the primary bank a/c > complete one time set-up.

Additionally, we are already working on providing for you a direct mechanism to make payment for your mutual funds investments from within the NiyoX, without any need to go through any UPI app or Netbanking interface. Please bear with us for couple of weeks till we roll out this feature.

Thank you Pranav, I have been trying to access my card details from last 10 mins. Haven’t been able to do so. Enclosing a screenshot for reference.

Can someone help me urgently, want to make payment before 12? can I talk to someone? called customer care, but of no success. Clicking on card details but it’s showing this message after message verification

I have applied for a platinum visa debit card and that will reach before 17th may which is what it’s being shown in the app.

Meanwhile how can I see my card number? @Pranav_Sehgal

Hey Akhil!

Someone from our team is going to call you in the next 5-10 minutes for further assistance.

thank you team. this has been resolved and we can close the thread.