ATM Charges withdrawn even though no cash was withdrawn

I tried to get my funds withdrawn from the atms in Bali Indonesia… However some of my transactions were declined… The ATM withdrawal fee has been deducted from my account for all the transaction… Over 8 transactions failed due to some issues with cards. I had to raise a ticket in this regard and only then after 24 Hrs was my query resolved and then I was able to withdraw cash from the ATM in Bali. I had to stay cashless in a new country for 3 days, with only swiping my card being the only source of transaction and money. Cards in Bali does work everywhere thus reducing my options of food, leisure, etc.

I had a conversation with one of your officials via chat and they assured the money to be refunded within 10-15 days… However my funds were not credited in my account. I then raised a ticket as well regarding the issue. However I received a startling reply from the officials stating "If the amount was debited initially then the system will consider it as a utility and accordingly, you will be charged. We are sorry that currently, we do not have the option the refund the charges manually. "

I request you to kindly look in the matter. And a resolution is solicited at the earliest.

It is very dissapointing to see that there is no response neither from the bank nor from here regarding this issue. It leaves me with no option but to escalate this further.

I am also following up with Niyo Global on the same issue.
ATM withdrawal request went in pending status and no withdrawal happened. Statement shows amount debited and refunded back instantaneously but against this transaction as well I have been charged for 118.
I had 3 such failed transaction in Bali.