What is the markup charges (transaction fees + GST) in percentage in buying items from foreign e-commerce site?

What is the mark-up charges for Platinum Visa Debit Card from NiyoX for making international purchase of any item? Can I add money to Google Play, Microsoft Store, Apple Store, PayPal with this debit card? What is the total annual charges including GST for this card?

Hello @Smtsl! Welcome to the ever-growing Niyo Community. Standard Markup charges of 3.5% of the transaction amount + 18% GST apply for international transactions. You may add money in the above mentioned stores by activating international transactions to your VISA Platinum debit card. To do that, go to the debit card section in NiyoX and find card locks. After enabling international transactions for your card from NiyoX, kindly call Equitas Bank customer care at 18001031222 and inform them to activate international transactions for your card. Hope this helps!

If you have any other queries, feel free to reach out again!

I am unable tod open Niyo IDFC app in my mobile phone. It is saying " Due to standard maintenance activity, we’re not onboarding new customers online on our Niyo IDFC app currently. We regret the inconvenience caused.". I want to know why the app got closed for new customers like me. Why the app also asking to deposit Rs. 10,000/- to open a saving account? In reality it is a digital account where we expect to have 0 balance maintenance charge and a free virtual debit card.

Hi @Smtsl
Thanks for reaching out to us. It’s always important for us to cater to our customer needs as much as possible, so we’re very sorry we couldn’t deliver what you expected.

Each of our products have been launched in partnership with different partner banks, each with a set of offerings and specifications that they are able to commit to the product.

For our customers to enjoy uninterrupted banking services, we are delighted to inform you that IDFC FIRST Bank has launched a comprehensive new app covering all the savings account requirements you may have. With this new app, you’ll have access to personalised features such as analysis and auto-categorisation of your income and expenses, two-click FD booking, and super fast payments and investments at your fingertips. This app is the best way to avail the Bank’s full range of financial solutions.
Rest assured that your account will be exactly the same and fully accessible via this new app, and your account and services will continue unabated with IDFC FIRST bank.
If you have made any investments through the Niyo IDFC app, you can also find them in our Niyo Money app.

Hereby attaching the SOC for the same.
Niyo IDFC SOC.pdf (439.7 KB)


I am unable to open Neo IDFC app in my android mobile. A message is saying " Due to a standard maintenance activity, we’re not onboarding new customers online on our Niyo IDFC app currently. We regret the inconvenience caused".

Why it is saying so and why it is asking me to deposit Rs., 10,000 to open bank account.

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