Account temporarily locked by Niyo

My Niyo account is temporarily locked and I am unable to login to app. It is asking to reset passcode and sending otp to my mobile and not email. I am travelling international and unable to receive otp on mobile. Have sent multiple mails and tweets to Niyo with no help at all. Pl let me know by when the lock will be released. Also if the otp can be shared on email?? This is not how I imagined my experience with Niyo global :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey @Mudit_Chawla ! (1) We certainly understand your situation and as badly as we want to help you, we are also tied up by the regulatory guidelines put forth by the RBI. If your account is blocked due to incorrect passcode entries, you will be able to access the account ONLY after 12 AM (IST).

(2) Sorry! We do not have an alternate option to Login into your Niyo App. Currently, the OTP to reset the app password is sent only to the registered mobile number. We are working to have this facility on email too but it may take some more time.