Account is blocked

Ok but plz do as soon as possible …

Sure! We’ll update the status. Thank you!

Can you plz share the update on my account blocked???


What is update on my account? Mr. Deepak i really want in urgently so plz share the status with me.


If you tell me to give my adhar , pancard and passport pdf here then i will give it to you.

Hey @Divyesh! It is not required to share the details again. We’ve forwarded the same to our team. It’s taking slightly longer to have this checked by our team. We’ll update the status on receiving the same from our team. As an alternative, you may complete the onboarding for NiyoX.


In niyox i am not able to open account because they are saying that i am already customer of equitas bank so you are not eligible for niyox.

But if you are helping me to get niyo global because it is best for my usage purpose.


We are sorry about it. We’ll let you know if there’s a possibility to onboard you for Niyo Global by SBM.