Account Closure online

I live in Ireland. I no longer use my Niyo Global card. I want to know how can I close my account with Niyo DCB Global? Since I’m outside India, is there any method I can apply for account closure online?


My son is running into the same issue, he is not in India and cannot close his account. All call centers and app and emails are not working.

I got this resolved now. Just ask your son to write an email to Niyo.

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Hey Suyog! Welcome to the Niyo Community! You can also share his registered number through our inbox so that we can take it up. Please ensure that his account balance is zero before we can proceed. Kindly note that the annual fee that will be charged can be reversed if you spend at least Rs.10,000 using your DCB Niyo Global Card over the next year. Your card works just as well for domestic transactions as it does for international ones. LK