About the CKYC registry

Hola Team Niyo,
Can you please check for me as I could not get onboarded on Niyo Global by SBM as it’s still saying I don’t have a CKYC.
But recently I got a confirmation email from Nodal officer of Equitas Bank saying successful registration of CKYC registry.
Please look into it ASAP.

My ckyc was also registered from Equitas But still they didn’t proceed further and said my Ckyc was incomplete :neutral_face:.


hi @Yashie ,

we regret to inform you that as of now we wont be able to proceed with your onboarding as your CKYC data is not updated OR does not match our requirements.
A CKYC record is updated only if you hold a Mutual Funds account or a Bank account. The chances are you might already have these,
but the bank or your mutual funds account partner might have not updated your KYC record in the directory.
While I write this we are working on an alternative for the same.


Not update my KYC I am try can you help me e मैं अपने केवाईसी कंप्लीट नहीं कर पा रहा हूं बार-बार ट्राई कर रहा हूं लेकिन अपडेट नहीं हो पा रही है

Hi @Tanashahi_gaming ,

Could you please DM us your registered mobile number?



No, it doesn’t help.

I have a CKYC number which is allotted only by KRMA after CKYC is completed and registered on the central database.

So it is not a case of missing CKYC or an old CKYC (mine is 2019 as per records).

It is an issue in your system, and it is high time you folks acknowledge it and not just blame it on missing CKYC.

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Tagging @ashrithjain as well, as he unlisted my previous post.

Hey @Varun_Mehta ! It looks like your CKYC entry doesn’t meet the requirements set by the partner bank. Even though you have a CKYC record, there are various types of entries for a record. The partner bank in this case strictly looks for a particular CKYC entry, incase the user doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, we cannot allow the user to get onboarded. However as I type this, we’re building an alternative method for KYC mode. For further clarification, feel free to reach out to us.

Hope to serve you better in the future.


Hey @ashrithjain Can you tell me exactly what is it that your bank needs in my CKYC record?
Only if you let me know what’s wrong, will I be able to get it rectified. As of now, I have a perfectly fine CKYC done in 2019 along with the CKYC number
Even the IPV flag shows normal and status is ok. This I have verified on the central database of the KRA central website.

So please either let me know what do I need to get fixed, or please re initiate the CKYC verification from your end, as it might have been some Niyo server problem at the time of verification leading to failure.

You already have my details in your DM.

Requesting @Bansari @Lucky and @Aswathy_Nambiar to pitch in if they can help in this.