CKYC error even after I have CKYC

I have CKYC done in last 2 years.
I even have the CKYC number - 10075316274918
I even have proofs of KARVY and NDML ckyc verification saying that my KYC Is done normally and IPV is also done. Still I am getting CKYC not done error on Global SBM app. Please help moderators.
@Aswathy_Nambiar @ashrithjain @Bansari @Lucky
Please help.

I wrote mails but they kept sending me automated replies that your KYC is not available in DB, nothing can be done and closed the ticket saying we will need your CKYC number after kyc is done.

They didn’t even read the mail where I had already attached the CKYC number.

Hi @Varun_Mehta ,

We completely understand your frustration and we do apologize for your customer support experience :confused: we shall take necessary steps to improve the same.

Having said that we regret to inform you that as of now we wont be able to proceed with your onboarding as your CKYC data is not updated OR does not match our requirements.
A CKYC record is updated only if you hold a Mutual Funds account or a Bank account. The chances are you might already have these,
but the bank or your mutual funds account partner might have not updated your KYC record in the directory.

While I write this we are working on an alternative for the same and you will be amongst the first ones to be informed on an update.


@Bansari I do understand that. However, I do have a full CKYC done.

I also have CKYC number, which is generated only after the CKYC is completed. I am sending my CKYC number in your DM.

Hey @Bansari Can you tell me exactly what is it that your bank needs in my CKYC record?
Only if you let me know what’s wrong, will I be able to get it rectified. As of now, I have a perfectly fine CKYC done in 2019 along with the CKYC number

Even the IPV flag shows normal and status is ok. This I have verified on the central database of the KRA central website. Attaching the proof as well.

So please either let me know what do I need to get fixed, or please re initiate the CKYC verification from your end, as it might have been some Niyo server problem at the time of verification leading to failure.

You already have my details in your DM.

Requesting @ashrithjain @Ranjith @Lucky and @Aswathy_Nambiar to pitch in if they can help in this.