About CKYC over NiyoX account

I acknowledged that for getting CKYC done I must have a Bank account or a Mutual Fund account that should upload my CKYC over the central database.
So, I have a Full KYC NiyoX account what should I do in that case. Will that procedure be carried out automatically or should I inform Equitas Bank to do so for me ?
Please instruct me over this.
Thank you in advance :relaxed:

Hey @Yashie ! We regret to inform you that as of now nothing can be done to get you onboarded, but, rest assured, you’ll be among the first to be notified once you become eligible for the onboarding process. Meanwhile we’re still investigating if these CKYC drops are genuine or is there a bug here.


hey @ashrithjain as the team states thaat the bug is removed ! but the bug is still there! It shows the ckyc servers are down! please check it again!