About the CKYC issue

Hi @Saikat_Bhowmick @Jassi955 @Alfred_Francis,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

(!/2) Firstly, we’re delighted and immensely thankful to you for agreeing to be our first adopters and beta users. Your trust in us has given us the confidence to build a robust product that we hope will transform lives of Indians travelling abroad.

Feedback about the product has been pouring in and we’re putting our best foot forward to fix every loophole that has been pointed out before we roll Niyo Global by SBM out in the market.

While we’re at it, we have a small request for users in the pre-onboarding stage -
Please write to us at onb-global@goniyo.com with your concerns + registered mobile number + screenshots so we don’t miss out on any of the queries and resolve them on priority.

This will also help us track the queries better.

(2/2) CRIF score check is an additional advantage you get while opting for Niyo SBM

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I am facing the same issue of CKYC please guide how I can do this asap.

Thank you Bans, sending an email right away. could you also give an idea if the issue could be solved soon enough or should i look towards an alternative since i will be travelling within next 15 days.

Hi @Jassi955 ,

To be honest post onboarding it would take 15business days for the card to be delivered depending on location.
Would recommend to plan things accordingly.


I am facing the same issue. Confirmed with my banker that my CKYC record exist. Please help me with this.

Hi @Isaac & @Gaurav_Sharma ,
This might help!

Hi @ashrithjain
I have faced the same recurring issue. Could you please help me apply for the card?

Thank you in advance

Hey @Shriya_Mehta ! Welcome to Niyo community. May I know what’s the issue you’re facing? Are you getting a message saying your CKYC is not found or Full CKYC entry is required?

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I have uploaded the error page. Its saying there’s no match in the ckyc database!! I don’t understand this

i have same issue it says we can not create your account and we couldn’t find a match in CKYC database how can i update this?

Hey @Parth_Patel1 @Shriya_Mehta !

  • To get a CKYC number, you’d have to have a savings account or hold a mutual funds account, but sometimes, the chances are you might already have these, and your bank or financial institution might have not updated the same.
  • As per our CKYC check, it looks you don’t have a KYC record in CKYC directory. So, unfortunately, cannot proceed further with the onboarding process. Regret the inconvenience. Hope to serve you in future.

However, if you do have a CKYC number, please DM the same and we shall take it forward from there!

my bank does not have any idea about CKYC what can i do now?

@Parth_Patel1 I found my CKYC number in my email ID that’s associated with my bank. You could try to do the same. Check for emails from ckyc@ckycindia.com. You should find a password protected file, the password for which is your DOB. Inside it, you can get your CKYC number.

Thanks Bro but there is no mail from ckyc@ckycindia.com
is there any other way to get that?

Well, if you create a new account, like Airtel Payments Bank, Paytm Bank, or buy mutual funds, etc, the same would be created for you. It might take a few days though.

Nothing happened i don’t understand the complete procedure

You have to request Your bank to register your kyc In KRA or you could open a mutual funds account then the Mutual fund company will update your kyc in KRA ( KYC Registration Agency) and then you will be able to open account in Niyo global (Sbm)

Thank you for the information

I wanted to know is it possible to use my father’s bank account to make a Niyo Card. I mean can I use his Niyo card in UK without any hassle or any need to prove identification abroad?


Hey @Shriya_Mehta ! We’d definitely not recommend you to use someone else’s account for security reasons.

Okay right. Then, can I make a Niyo savings account also? For this purpose