5 sec KYC Video Verification Issue

I am facing problem at last stage of 5 min video kyc verification for account opening. The verification just doesn’t happen. I click on take video, show my face and keep blinking, after the timeout nothing happens and I am returned back to the take 5 Seconds video screen. I re-installed Niyo SBM App and tried but still not working.

Please help to solve this problem

Hey @Akash_Raj_T.M! We’d kindly request you to retry and check if you are able to proceed further. If the issue still persists, you may try using a different device. If that too doesn’t help, reach out to us with a screen recording of it and we’ll have that checked.


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Hi Akash, let me know how you overcome this step. I’m stuck at this step and niyo is not offering me any viable solution.

Just try video verification from other phone🙂

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