Wrong information provided by customer care executive

Account rea"Minimum KYC Account:

► Balance: Up to ₹1 Lakh
► Account Validity: Up to 12 months only
► Interest Rates: 3.50%

Card Transactions, Fund Transfer, and UPI limits:

► Total Debit Transactions (ECOM+UPI+Fund Transfer) - ₹20,000/month
► First 72 hours post account creation: ₹2,000/day or 5 Transactions/day
► After 72 hours post account creation: ₹5,000/day or 10 Transactions/day
► Quick Transfer, without adding beneficiary, is not applicable for minimum KYC customers

Full KYC Account:

► Balance: No constraints
► Account Validity: No constraints

Interest Rates:
► 3.5% up to ₹1Lakh
► 7 % from ₹1Lakh to ₹2Cr
► 6% above ₹2Cr

Card Transactions, Fund Transfer, and UPI limits:
Total Debit Transactions - ₹10 Lakhs/day

VISA Classic Debit Card:
Online Transactions: ₹50,000/day

VISA Platinum Debit Card:
► POS Swipe + Online Transactions: ₹2 Lakhs/day
► ATM Withdrawal: ₹1Lakh/day

Fund Transfer Limit:
► IMPS - ₹2 Lakhs/day
► NEFT or within the bank - ₹5 Lakhs/day

UPI Transaction limits:

► Per Transaction Limit - ₹25,000
► Daily Transaction Limit - ₹1 Lakh
► Daily Transaction Count - 10 (Not valid for P2M)
► Monthly Transaction Limit - ₹5 Lakhs
► Monthly Transaction Count - 300 (Not valid for P2M)

Within the cooling period (24 hours) i.e. after registration and setting UPI PIN, 10 transactions are allowed and the total amount including all 10 transactions is ₹5,000


Hi @Jemes2095 ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Could you please help us understand what exactly is the wrong information?


When I created my account there was seen that i can transfer 10000/day, but when I try it to real its reduced to 5000/day?
I can’t understand how this is happening?
It is regular way to mislead to new customers?

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