Niyo Equitas Minimum KYC Account - Limit on online withdraw


I want to know what are the limitation to withdraw money from NiyoX Equitas Minimum KYC Account, for NEFT, IMPS, UPI and RTGS. (Basically only transferring)
Also is there a number that I can call and ask some questions about NiyoX in general.

Hi Arpit,

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For a Minimum KYC Account (Biometric pending):

► You can transfer upto ₹2000 per day within the first 72 hours of your account opening(with a maximum transaction count of 5 per day).
► You can transfer upto ₹5000 per day after the first 72 hours of your account opening(with a maximum transaction count of 10 per day).
► The monthly outward fund transfer limit is a maximum of Rs.20,000 for biometric pending accounts.

Our support team is on their toes to help you round the clock :slight_smile: Would request to kindly raise a ticket in the NiyoX app to get a clarity on the same.

How to raise a ticket :
Login to the NiyoX App > Menu > Support > Need Help
Describe your query in the chat and someone from our support team will assist you shortly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prompt answer!

What are the respective limits for account with biometric complete?
Also, will the KYC Verification done completely online? Or will I be required to go equitas bank branch offline?


For a Full KYC Account (Biometric done):

► Cooling period for any new beneficiary is 30 Minutes
► Post the cooling period of 30 minutes, for first 24 hrs the transfer limits is ₹30,000/- for a new beneficiary
► Limit for Quick Transfer, without adding beneficiary, is ₹20,000/- per day at account level
► Maximum NEFT limit – ₹2,00,000 per transaction

For your full KYC Verification kindly login to the NiyoX app > Pending Actions > Oder Visa Platinum Debit Card > Choose a card design an your name > Schedule your full KYC visit

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks again!

So the maximum NEFT limit, is it a per-day limit or a per-beneficiary-day limit.
What I need to ask is, lets say I want to transfer a big amount in a single day, will that be possible?

Also, is it mandatory to order Visa Debit Card? and what are the charges for those? Moreover, is KYC happening during these times? And do I have to personally visit bank branch to complete the KYC?


Its per day limit for NEFT.

The VISA Platinum Debit Card comes at an annual fees of ₹150 + GST. The current promotional offer is live till 30th June 2021, waives your 1st year’s annual fee. So the first year is free for you.
Rest assured once you book your biometric KYC from the NiyoX app, our agent will visit you at your door step and complete your full KYC.


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