What is limit of daily transaction at niyox

What is the limit of doing transaction within a day.I have not done any transaction today or yesterday.But still whenever I am trying to transfer 10,000 rupees from my account it is showing you have reached maximum number of payments allwed by your bank.
Please look into the issue and revert me back with possible solution asap.
Have good expectations from neox but disappointed this time.

What are the Fund Transfer Limits?

Min KYC account:

  • First 72 hours from account opening: 5 transfers of up to a total of ₹2000/day
  • After 72 hours,10 transfers of up to a total of ₹5000/day and a transfer limit of ₹20,000/month
  • The cooling period after adding a new payee = 30mins

Post-Biometric KYC or Full KYC account:

  • Cooling period for funds transfer = 30mins
  • First 24 hours after cooling period: Transfer Limit of ₹30,000/payee (Full or in Parts)
  • After 24 hours, the following Full KYC limits are applicable:
    • Quick Transfer limit of ₹20,000/- per day at the account level
    • Maximum IMPS limit of ₹2,00,000 per transaction

Kindly Note: Quick Transfer feature is applicable only for Full KYC accounts


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