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What is the monthly transaction limits? And after that what is the charges

Hey Supratim! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Please note the limits for NiyoX accounts are as follows:

For a Minimum KYC Account (Biometric pending):

► You can transfer upto ₹2000 per day within the first 72 hours of your account opening(with a maximum transaction count of 5 per day).
► You can transfer upto ₹5000 per day after the first 72 hours of your account opening(with a maximum transaction count of 10 per day).
► The monthly outward fund transfer limit is a maximum of Rs.20,000 for biometric pending accounts.
► Cooling period for any new beneficiary is 30 Minutes
► Quick Transfer, without adding beneficiary, is not applicable for minimum KYC customers

For a Full KYC Account (Biometric done):

► Cooling period for any new beneficiary is 30 Minutes
► Post the cooling period of 30 minutes, for first 24 hrs the transfer limits is ₹30,000/- for a new beneficiary
► Quick Transfer limit is ₹20,000/- per day at account level
► Maximum NEFT limit – ₹2,00,000 per transaction.
► Minimum of ₹2,00,000 & Maximum RTGS limit – ₹10,00,000 per transaction.

The Platinum Debit Card comes at an annual fees of ₹150 + GST. The current promotional offer is live till 31st March 2022 and waives your 1st year’s annual fee. Currently, there is no charge for an online transfer. For ATM withdrawals, below are the charges you’ll incur:
ATM withdrawals at metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 3 FREE per month
ATM withdrawals at non-metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 5 FREE per month
Charges beyond free limits of ATM withdrawals: ₹20 + taxes per transaction
Cash withdrawal outside India: ₹110 + taxes from 1st International ATM transaction
Balance Enquiry outside India: ₹25 + taxes from 1st International balance enquiry.

Hope this answers all your queries. Cheers! LK

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Thanks for that information. Actually i want to know transaction limits mean per month how much money i can accept? 1.5laksh or 2laksh or more than that?

Absolutely! The inward limit before completing the KYC are as follows:
Maximum amount you can keep at a time: ₹1,00,000/-
Total funds you can load for the year: ₹2,00,000/-

After completing the Biometric verification, there is no such limit on the amount that you can load in your account. LK


Thank you for the information👍

As I can see in Reply and in the website card is free for 1 year only but Equitas Bank person told me that it’s for 2 year’s and you are going to charged from April 2023.

Is that’s true.

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Hey @Sidhant, the current promotional offer which is live till 30th June 2021, waives only your 1st year’s annual fee for the card. SR.

One more thing. How to track my atm card? Request you any information about this

Hey @Supratim_Mondal , you can track your card delivery status on your NiyoX mobile app. Additionally, you will be receiving the AWB number/Order tracking ID along with Courier Partner name via SMS from Equitas Small Finance Bank. You can track your card with the AWB number/Order tracking ID by following the below steps:

  1. Go to specified Courier Partner website
  2. Paste in your AWB number/Order tracking ID
  3. Click the button to track
  4. View your card status!

If you have any additional questions, you can call the Courier Partner helpline by choosing ‘Call Us’ on their website.

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In app it’s showing card is on way. But i didn’t receive any such sms like your card dispatched or any courier tracking against equitas bank atm card. I daily received mini statement sms. But after kyc i didn’t receive any such sms

Hey @Supratim_Mondal Usually, it takes up to 15 business days for card delivery based on your location once you’re done with your Biometric KYC. You will be notified about every milestone, from pickup to card delivery, via text messages to your registered mobile number. Please note that these are estimated delivery timelines. ES

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