Will the merchant Bank add charges while swiping in pos

I will be visiting uae shortly. If I swipe in merchant POS will the merchant s Bank add extra charges?
Last time I visited Bali I used Thomas cook forex card, that time I was charged more than the authorised amount when asked the customer care they told me it’s because the merchant s Bank account charged the fee. That’s the reason I am getting this doubt . Has any one used in uae

Hi Alistair,

Absolutely! Your Niyo Global Cards are ready to roll for international transactions with zero additional forex charges – because banking should be as transparent and hassle-free as possible, right?

A quick heads-up: while you’re out and about, some ATMs or POS operated by merchants might have their own additional fees for withdrawals or POS transactions. No worries, though – you’ll always see these charges displayed during the process, giving you the full picture.

We want to assure you, there are no hidden charges from our end. We’re all about straightforward and open banking!

Safe travels and happy banking! :earth_africa::sparkles: